Late night biscuits and gravy to satiate all of your cravings.

You buy, we fly. Biscuits and gravy directly to you.

What we do.

It’s late and you have cravings. Let us be the one to feed them.


Classic White Biscuit and Southern Gravy with Choice of Sage Sausage, Bacon, or Herbed Mushroom.


Classic White Biscuit with Maple Gravy, Crispy Bacon, and Brown Sugar.

Tom & Chz

Classic White Biscuit with Wisconsin Cheese Curds & Tomato Butter Gravy.


Classic White Biscuit with Vanilla Gravy & Fruit Compote.

Southern Poutine

Baked Wedge Potatoes with Southern Gravy & Wisconsin Cheese Curds.

Customer Reviews

“Seriously, the best deal you can get for late night food, biscuits were huge, and they're more than generous with the gravy. everything tastes delicious!”
Deez N.
“Brought to you by those square pizza guys at R Town Pizza, so you know they know dough. Best biscuits and gravy in town! Hearty portion, the biscuits were perfect and fluffy. Gravy was delicious and love that the sausage has a bit of heat. Dayum, that hit the spot!”
Kristen S
“Tried the classic biscuit and gravy and also the applachia biscuit, and it did not diasappoint. I've been waiting to try this for so long, and literally counted down the minutes til 11pm so i could order it right away. Will definitely be a regular pick up from me going forward, and i would highly recommend. This combined with the incredible pizzas they sling, we are so lucky to have this place in town!”
Christopher S